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About Medical Marijuana in Colorado

Amendment 20 of the Colorado Constitution.

In the year 2000, Colorado citizens voted to make marijuana 'medical' and Amendment 20 was 'born' making marijuana a constitutional right for Colorado residents over the age of 18; as long as they have a doctor's recommendation and submit an application to the Colorado Dept. of Public Health and Environment.

Qualifying Conditions for your Colorado Red Card.

The Colorado Department of Public Health & Environment issues your Medical Marijuana Registry Card. If you suffer from any chronic or severe pain, muscle spasms, nausea, seizures, multiple sclerosis, HIV, glaucoma, cancer, cachexia - then medical marijuana may be an option for you in Colorado. Colorado law permits Colorado residents to acquire a Medical Marijuana Registry ID card if they have an unbearable condition for which a doctor provides a suggestion that marijuana may ease that condition.

How do I get a Colorado Medical Marijuana Card?
  • must be a Colorado resident
  • must be over 18 years old
  • must suffer from chronic pain or related issues
  • must have a licensed doctor recommendation
  • submit forms to the CDPHE
  • can grow no more than 6 plants
  • can possess no more than 2 ounces at anytime
  • $35 State application fee payable to the CDPHE

The first step is to speak with a licensed MD or DO in good standing with a schedule I authorization. Find a mmj doctor near you.

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